A huge many thanks to all the first supporters of Kailo. Kailo is now in the homes of a large number of happy customers, with an increase of than 90% of our customers finding pain relief without drugs or surgery! So, so how exactly does it work?

Kailo interacts with the body’s electrical system. Each Kailo contains nano capacitors that are a bio antenna, assisting your body in clear communication to carefully turn down the quantity on your pain.

• Recover faster
• Improve flexibility
• Regain an all natural flexibility
If you’re unhappy with your Kailo for any reason, you’re absolve to send it back for a complete refund within the first 14 days. Due to our high success rate, our only request is that you call us first and let us help you with the proper placement. In nearly every case where Kailo seemed to not be working, it was only too little finding the right spot for the affected area. After helping customers find proper placement we have received less than 1% returns, we could confident this can do the job!
The human body wasn’t designed to be so sedentary. Our ancestors weren’t spending 10 hours every day sitting around, but we do. And it requires a toll on our bodies. Some people try switching over to a standing desk, others spend thousands on some type of fancy chair, and some use pain pills and work through it. But there are a few better options.

Imagine if a Band-Aid was greater than a Band-Aid? What if we had something as simple as a Band-Aid which could heal a lot more when compared to a little scrape? Though it could require technology a bit more sophisticated when compared to a little bit of cotton taped against your skin layer, that kind of healing patch would be quite useful, wouldn’t it?

kailo pain relief
Billing itself as the continuing future of treatment, the Kailo is a Nanotech Patch which is meant to be designed predicated on an electrical knowledge of the body. Human bodies use electrical currents to communicate between your nervous system, body, and brain. It’s a part of why is it possible for us to go, speak, and think.
But rarely do we make any try to actually manipulate or interact with those electrical systems in medicine. The most notable exceptions relate with acupuncture. The Kailo can be an exception. It’s sort of non-invasive, non-consumable, reusable healing patch that’s supposed to get started on working within seconds. That means it is an even more natural alternative, especially in comparison to some of the more common alternatives. It’s certainly faster and less invasive than acupuncture.

While you’re wearing the Kailo Nanotech Patch, it’s made to interact with the electrical system inside you due to each patch being made out of several billion nanocapacitors. Those work to serve as a sort of bio-antenna, which is meant to help your body communicate electrical signals better. The end result is a decrease in the signals that cause pain, a faster recovery, improved flexibility, and the capability to regain a far more natural flexibility. But how well does it work for various things?
Design of the Kailo
Considering the physical construction of every patch, the Kailo really isn’t that complicated. The top degree of Kailo is a carrier level, a non-conductive layer of materials that are made from a particular synthetic polyester. This layer is supposed to are basics for the Nano capacitor particles, while assisting to protect them from water and friction. Basically, they’re the foundation on which the rest of the patch is made.

The second layer is composed from the nano-particles themselves. Among them you’ll find the Kailo contains vast amounts of nanocapacitors, each measuring about 60nm in proportions. When you’re wearing Kailo, you may feel your Kailo get started to warm as your nervous system responds to it. It’s those nanocapacitors which will be the particles that are tasked with interacting with the electrical system of the body. Vast amounts of charged capacitors serve as a sort of antenna, attempting to assist the body in communicating the various signals which communicate pain.

Lastly, the 3rd layer is a substrate. It’s basically like the top layer, at least in conditions of its outward functionality. Nanoparticles that are coated within the substrate keep those charged particles held in place, while also maintaining a water-tight and dust-tight design. Which is how Kailo was designed to be waterproof.
Waterproofing & Fitting
The resulting design is sealed against the ingress of dust, rain, and sweat. Which allows you to wear Kailo within the pool, in the shower, or elsewhere out in wet areas. You want to keep it free from cleaning chemicals, especially ones that aren’t said to be used with films and plastics. You may clean a Kailo patch using ordinary mild soaps and water, just avoid alcohol-based cleaners and you should be good.

As well as the patch itself, every pack of Kailo carries a couple adhesives to keep the Kailo stuck against your skin layer. Eventually, adhesives will lose its stickiness. When that happens, you merely peel it away and then apply another one. Sooner or later, you’ll run out of the included adhesives. Kailo only includes three per patch, so that it really won’t take that long to get through them. From then on point, you’ll need to swap over to athletic tape or medical tape. Either will continue to work fine for keeping Kailo set up.

Talking about placement, Kailo can be utilized directly on your skin, or even over tight-fitting clothing. That provides you far more flexibility with respect to the way you stick it. Though direct contact in the afflicted area is usually the ultimate way to go.